Call for Papers

ISA Research Committee on International Tourism
International Dateline Colloquium: Worldscape '21'

July 2001
The University of the South Pacific, Suva, Fiji Islands

Prospects for International Tourism and Outlooks for Society and Culture around the Globe, an open conference of RC50 staged collaboratively with the University of Western Sydney, Australia (convening institution), the University of the South Pacific (host institution), the University of Luton, England (coordinating institution).

The colloquium constitutes a transdisciplinary prospectus for tourism, society, culture, and environment at the millennial moment. It will be a discursive event predominantly built around the presentation of a portfolio of different and contesting critical methodological outlooks on the future of tourism and travel in various internal realms of concern.


The Spatial-Temporal Dimensions of Tourism
Tourism: Place and Non-place
Tourism, Representation and Symbolic Exchange
Tourism and Commodification: 'Tourism by-the-pound'
Tourism and Centre - Periphery Relations
Tourism and International Exchange
Tourism/Travel and the Rupture of Modernity
The Balance of Tourism for Places and /or Populations
The Reflexive Sociology of Tourism
Tourism and the Sociology of the Imaginary

RC 50 members (or other interested individuals) who wish to offer a critical presentation on one of the above topics, should write to the Conference Coordinator:

Dr. Keith Hollinshead <>
Tourism Studies, The Luton Business School
The University of Luton, Luton LU1 3TU, England.
Tel: 44-01582-743139 Fax: 44-01582-743143

For registration, accomodation, and local/regional logistics, contact Colloquium Convenor:

Robyn Bushell <>
University of Western Sydeny
Hawkesbury Campus
Richmond, NSW 2753, Australia
Tel: 61-02-45701562 Fax: 61-02-45701267