Social Science Research Council Fellowship on
Information Technology, International Cooperation and Global Security
Summer 2001
New York, USA

The Social Science Research Council is pleased to announce the availability of new summer fellowships for innovative research on information technology (IT), international cooperation and global security. PhD students and faculty from any academic discipline and of any nationality may apply. These in-residence fellowships, for summer 2001, are designed for researchers who currently work on cooperation and security issues and who want to explore the role and impact of IT in this area; or for researchers who work on IT and want to explore its relationship to cooperation and security.

International cooperation and global security involve a wide range of issues including new forms of global regulation and surveillance; transboundary advocacy and global civil society; economic and political "crisis" and transformation; unequal access to goods and services; transnational identity politics; conflict and transboundary intervention; military and warfare practices; and power and authority in the global realm. IT issues could involve the Internet and related technologies such as those associated with telecommunications, data processing, encryption, and systems of code; robotics, automation, and simulation; and concerns bearing directly on connectivity and content such as structures of information flow and processes of disinformation and dissemination.

Deadline: January 12, 2001 (mailed from inside U.S.) and January 22, 2001 (all others)

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Global Security
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