ISA Research Committee on Regional and Urban Development, RC21
Conference on Social Inequality, Redistributive Justice and the City
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
June 15-17, 2001

The aim of the conference is to retake the theme of social inequality and redistributive justice in cities more than twenty-five years after Raymond Pahl's Who's City (1970) and of David Harvey's Social Justice and the City (1973). Other important works followed. Since the theoretical debates of the 1970s and early 1980s sociological urban research has taken several roads in the analysis of urban inequality. The central theme to be discussed in this conference is how the specific current debates are dealing with the issue of redistribute justice. How are labour markets structuring new urban social inequalities? Is there any role left to play for social movements and what is their relation to urban governance? What is the significance of urban regimes in dealing with social inequality and defining social justice? What are the challenges of urban governance for the 21st Century?

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