ISA Iberoamerican Subcomittee of
Research Committee on Participation and Self-Management, RC10
XIV International Sociological Seminar
Democracy and participation in organizations in the new informational societies
San Juan, Argentina
27-30 June 2001

There will be 4 workshops in Spanish and one in English:

1. Development and Equity in the New Informational Society
2. Training, Participation and Culture in Organisations
3. Self-management, Participation Experiences and Social Movements
4. Participation and New Technologies in the New Informational Society
5. Participation and Organisational Democracy (papers in English)

Abstracts (maximum 15 lines) shall be sent by January 31, 2001 to:

Cristina Ayza, email:
Direccion de Ciencia y Tecnica
Av. Espana 1512 - Sur - Capital
Cp. 5400 San Juan, Argentina
Tel: 54-264-422 3724, Fax: 54-264-422 3717