Call for Contributions

The Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems

The Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS) is currently under development in scholarly partnership with UNESCO. The EOLSS is a major global project and is expected to be a highly significant source of knowledge for the next millennium. The EOLSS body of knowledge is structured into six Areas, each of which is divided into units termed as Themes. Each Theme constitutes a set of Topics and each Topic comprises of a set of Articles. More details on the background to the project and the work done to date may be found at

Each Theme will contain contributions at three levels: Theme, Topic and Article. Each Theme will involve one Theme-level contributions between 15,000-20,000 words, a number of Topic- level contributions between 10,000-15,000 words each and a number of Article-level contributions between 5000-10,000 words each in length.

The Editor of Theme Socioeconomic Development invites contributions on the following topics and articles:

Topic: Policy in Selected Socioeconomic Development Sectors
Articles: Agriculture; Capital and Finances; Communications and Information; Consumer Security; Criminal and Juvenile Justice; Disaster and Crisis Management; Education; Energy; Food and Agriculture; Population; Religion; Social Services; Technology.

Topic: Socioeconomic Development Policy and Historically Disadvantaged Population Groups
Articles: The Aged; Children; The Disabled; Ethnic, Racial, and Religious Minorities; Refugees and Immigrants; The Poor; Women

Authors you will have six months to submit the first drafts of their contributions. Following submission of the first drafts of contributions, the process of academic editing and refinement is expected to take another four months. Then the authors will thereafter have about one month to revise and submit their edited final contributions. Authors will sign a formal agreement with the publisher and will receive US$30 per 1000 words of contribution. This amount includes an incentive for submission of the first draft one month ahead of the stipulated schedule.

Interested scholars, please contact

Prof. Salustiano del Campo Urbano
Honorary Theme Editor for the Theme Socio-economic Development
Calle Fermin Caballero 54, 11A
28034 Madrid, Spain
Tel: 34-917302977, Fax: 34-913781433