Call for Contributions
Journal of Happiness Studies

The Journal of Happiness Studies is a new international scientific quarterly on subjective appreciation of life. The journal is a forum for two traditions in the study of happiness: reflective speculation and empirical research. It welcomes contributions from different disciplines, in particular philosophy, social sciences and the life-sciences.

The journal is published by Kluwer Academic. Editors are: Ruut Veenhoven (sociologist, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands), Ed Diener (psychologist, University of Illinois, USA) and Alex Michalos (philosopher, University of Northern British Columbia Canada).

The first issue appeared in June 2000. The full text is free available on the publishers website:
The scope of the journal is described in detail in the editorial statement of that first issue.

For more information contact:
Ruut Veenhoven, editor-in-chief
Erasmus University Rotterdam
POB 1738
3000DR Rotterdam, The Netherlands