Call for Papers
5th Inter-University Seminars on Social Development
Assoc. of South East Asian Nations
Post-Crisis Southeast Asia
23-25 May 2001
National University of Singapore

Set up in 1993, the ASEAN Inter-University Seminar series aims to promote common pursuits in exploring social issues in the ASEAN countries. This series provides a platform for communication and contact between scholars to facilitate collaborative research, to enhance mutual understanding and encourage contributions to the enrichment of social scientific knowledge of the region.

The main theme for the Fifth ASEAN Inter-University Seminar on Social Development is Post-Crisis Southeast Asia. Panels will be organized based on the following sub-topics: Conflict and Cohesion in SE Asia; Environment and Politics; Gender, Culture and Power; Globalisation and Identities; Governance and the State; Health and Illness in SE Asia; Information Technology and the New Economy; Political Economy of Crisis and Response; Rural and Urban Poverty and Inequality; SE Asian Families: Surviving the Crisis; Security and Strategic Challenges; Social Restructuring: Citizenship, Welfare and the Market. Papers and suggestions for the organization of panels are welcomed. Papers should be presented in English. Notification of acceptance of paper will be sent on receipt of the abstract. Send abstract of less than 250 words by January 15, 2001 to:

Dr Ko Yiu Chung
and Dr Tan Joo Ean
ASEAN Seminar Secretariat
Department of Sociology, AS1/03-10
National University of Singapore
11 Arts Link
Singapore 117570
Fax: 65-777-9579
Tel: 65- 874-3822, 874-8983 or