Canadian Journal of Sociology
Volume 24, Issue 3, Summer 1999


The Political Attitudes of Canadian Professors
by M. Reza Nakhaie and Robert J. Brym

Work, Gender and the Life Course: Social Construction and Individual Experience
by Helga Krüger and Bernd Baldus

Hyperpanoptics as Commodity: The Case of the Parapolice
by George S. Rigakos

Note on the Discipline/Notes sociologiques

The Polls and the 1995 Quebec Referendum
by John Fox, Robert Andersen, and Joseph Dubonnet

Book Reviews/Comptes rendus

Simone Abram, Jacqueline Waldren and Donald V. L. Macleod, eds., Tourists and Tourism: Identifying with People and Places
by Judith Adler

Ben Agger, Critical Social Theories: An Introduction
by Bernd Baldus

Paul Axelrod, The Promise of Schooling: Education in Canada, 1800-1914
by Donald Fisher

Anthony Giddens and Christopher Pierson, Conversations with Anthony Giddens. Making Sense of Modernity
by Peter Baehr

David Theo Goldberg, Racial Subjects: Writing on Race in America
by Kevin D. Haggerty

Stephen Katz, Disciplining Old Age: The Formation of Gerontological Knowledge
by Jason L. Powell

Leslie W. Kennedy and Vincent R. Sacco, eds., Crime Counts: A Criminal Event Analysis
by Aaron Doyle

Stephen McBride and John Shields, Dismantling a Nation: The Transition to Corporate Rule in Canada
by J. F. Conway

Jan Pakulski and Malcolm Waters, The Death of Class
by Jim Conley

Jean L. Potuchek, Who Supports the Family?: Gender and Breadwinning in Dual-earner Marriages
by David Cheal

Books Received/Livres reçus