Contents: Volume 22, Issue 3, Summer 1997



Reworking moral regulation: Metaphorical capital
and the field of disinterest
by Bruce Curtis

Sociotypes des surendettés
by Gérard Duhaime

History versus science: The evolutionary solution
by Marion Blute

The road not taken: The transition from unemployment
to self-employment in Canada, 1961-1994
by Bruce Arai


Charles R. Acland, Youth,  Murder, Spectacle:
The Cultural Politics of Youth in Crisis
by Sandra J. Bell

Margaret S. Archer, Realist Social Theory:
The Morphogenetic Approach
by S. Fuchs

Zaheer Baber, The Science of Empire:
Scientific Knowledge, Civilization, and Colonial Rule in India
by Edward C. Moulton

Samuel Clark, State and Status: The Rise of the State
and Aristocratic Power in Western Europe
by Robert Lanning

Margrit Eichler, Change of Plans
by David Cheal

Sanford Jacoby, ed., The Workers of Nations:
Industrial Relations in a Global Economy
by Larry Haiven

Carl E. James, Seeing Oursevles: Exploring Race,
Ethnicity and Culture
by Subhas Ramcharan

Joel S. Kahn, Culture, Multiculture, Postculture
by Bruce Arai

Martha McMahon, Engendering Motherhood:
Identity and Self-Transformation in Women's Lives
by Gillian Ranson

National Research Council, Losing Generations:
Adolescents in High Risk Settings
by Julian Tanner

Adam B. Seligman, Innerworldlly Individualism:
Charismatic Community and its Intsitutionalization
by Roger O'Toole

Carol Smart, Law, Crime and Sexuality:
Essays in Feminism
by Erin Gibbs Van Brunschot

Mariana Valverde, Linda MacLeod, and Kirsten Johnson, eds.,
Wife Assault and the Canadian Criminal Justice System
by Mary Lorenz Dietz

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