Contents Volume 22, Issue 2 Spring 1997



After the Individual in Society:
Lessons on Collectivity from Science, Technology and Society
by Michel Callon and John Law

Les développements contemporains de l'économie francopone au Québec
by Éric Forgues

Latin America in the New World Order
by Henry Veltmeyer


The German Debate over Multicultural Society:
Climax of Test of Organized Capitalism?
by Hermann Strasser

Barbara Adam, Timewatch: The Social Analysis of Time
by Guy C. Germain

Ronald Aronson, After Marxism
by Volker H. Schmidt

Catherine Casey, Work, Self and Society: After Industrialism
by Kathryn Schellenberg

Francois-Peirre Gingras, ed, Gender and Politics in
Contemporary Canada
by Tami M. Bereska

David Kettler and Volker Meja, Karl Mannheim and the
Crisis of Liberalsim: The Secret of These New Times
by Edward T. Silva

Gail W. Lapidus, ed., The New Russia: Troubled Transformation
by J.-Guy Lalande

Charles Lemert, Sociology After the Crisis
by Ronald David Schwartz

Frank Pearce and Laureen Snider, eds., Corporate Crime:
Contemporary Debates
by Frank Henry

Michael Peters, ed., Education and the Postmodern Condition
by Dieter Misgeld

Theodore Porter, Trust in Numbers: The Pursuit of
Objectivity in Science and Public Life
by Kevin Haggerty

Stephen Harold Riggins, ed., The Socialness of Things:
Essays on the Socio-Semiotics of Objects
by Frank Nuessel

Julian Tanner, Harvey Krahn, and Timothy Hartnagel,
Fractured Transitions from School to Work:
Revisiting the Dropout Problem
by John Harp

Keith Tester, Media, Culture and Morality
by Graham Knight

Films for the Humanities and Sciences,
The Good Society Part I and The Good Society Part II
by Gary Bowden

Films for the Humanities and Sciences,
Science, Society, and the Human Genome Project
by Gary Bowden

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