A Netsteps Project for EDSE 578, Prepared by Chris Jackson, May 2001

This site provides five sites that Intermediate students could use on a Language Arts research project on Mummies.



This was developed by the School of Information at the University of Michigan School. It was last updated in 1997

About the site:

This is an attractive site, providing a good deal of information in an easy to read format. You will find Topics covered include How are Mummies Made and Who Were They and a page on the Afterlife. In depth information is provided on King Tut, Seti 1, and Rameses11. A glossary and dateline are provided. A good selection of photographs have been included



The author is Ray Bean. An acknowledgements page is included but no information on the author is included . Created in 1999

About the site:

This is an attractive, well illustrated site. Pages are included on What is a Mummy , and How Mummies are Made. Definately an information site you will find useful for research projects. Find out the latest news at The Mummy Press, this page includes a collection of recent news items on mummies. Try Hatshepsut's Revenge, an Egyptian mummy game, in addition to mummy puzzles and a simple mummy quiz. Not overpowering, easy to navigate. You will enjoy the annimation and background sounds added for each page.




Author James M Deem. An educator and writer for 30 years. James has written a number of books on mummies. Updated 2001

About the site:

Pages within the site are devoted to Mummy Discoveries, Possibilities, Photos and updates. A number of famous mummies are featured: Lindlow Man, North American Iceman and Otzi.. This is an excellent site to assist in research projects on this topic. Information is provided on all the chief mummies. Suggestions for school projects are available, along with links to site pages on Mummy Museums. An extensive listing with descriptions of mummy books is provided. Mummies in the news and articles about mummies published in magazines are included in Mummy Updates. Visit this site to keep updated on new stories in the mummy world.




The Author of this site is Richard Deurer, an artist who loves Egypt. This site has been awarded many awards including Top Site Educational Index

About the site:

This site includes an excellent mythology glossary along with text summaries of a number of Egyptian legends. There is an extremely useful easy to read page called An Egyptian Mummification. A very extensive listing of links to other Egyption sites. The Ancient Gallery Directory includes a collection of images of Ancient Egyptian monuments each is accompanied by text information.




This site was developed by Max Miller, M.A. Max is not a professional Egyptologist but he names a number of Egyptologists who have given their support towards this site.

About the site:

This is a professional site, providing in-depth archaeological data useful for advanced projects for good readers on specific Egyptian Mummies. Included are Mummies from the New Kingdom and from the Theban Tombs which includes - The Valley of the Kings. Project updates are included. The site includes illustrations and incorporates linkable text. A mummy locator provides an extensive alphabetical list of bookmarks for mummies included at this site. Galleries are provided for each Dynasty. Special Exhibits Include pages on The Unknown Man E , The Tomb of Maihirpre and the Tomb of Amenhotep 11 A lot of neat trivia can be found at this site. Impress your friends.


Developed by Chris Jackson. May 2001