Guidelines for dealing with Safety Infractions:

††††††††† These Include but are not limited to:

-       Improper use of PPE

-       Unsafe Laboratory Procedures

-       Laboratory Safety Violations


1.    Verbal warning / reminder
- The Person is verbally reminded of the deficiency and how to correct it.


2.    Written warning:

-An email will be sent to the Person, PI, and Department Chairman about repeat violation of recommended safety practices
- PI is given opportunity to correct Personís actions.


3.    Laboratory Suspension:

-The Person is suspended from accessing the laboratory for one month and is asked to leave immediately.
- The Person, PI,, and Department Chairman are emailed of what has transpired and that the student is suspended from the lab.

Suspensions are non-negotiable, with Person accepting all consequence of their actions. (E.g. missed deadlines, papers, etc.)


Re-entering the lab while under suspension or continued violations beyond the third instance will be referred to the Department and / or Faculty for measures that may include up to permanent dismissal from the laboratories or program.  



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