Groups and PIs Doing Fieldwork


UofA’s Field Research Office (FRO)


UAPPOL: Off-Campus Activity & Travel Policy


A Field Activities Plan (FAP) must be created for the trip.


It is recommended that you complete the online course on creating a field activity plan before attempting one yourself.


The Sections of the FAP are:  (Template)   (Instructions) 

·        Project Details

·        Field Research Participants and Collaborators

·        Hazard Assessment and Control

·        Emergency Response Plan

·        Communication Check-in Procedures

·        Permissions Required

·        Training & Immunizations

·        Accommodations & Meals

·        Transportation

·        Drivers & Passengers

·        Equipment

·        Insurance Needs

·        Document Management

·        Approval







Supervisors must ensure that the field teams are competent to do their tasks.


Teams must register their trip with the FRO


The FRO has some safety equipment that can be rented.


There are requirements for driving vehicles in the field.


There are rules for using firearms in the field.


There are new rules for using Drones in the field.


The Field Office has online courses on:

·        Bear Awareness and Safety

·        Cougar Awareness and Safety

·        Creating a Field Activity Plan

·        Provincial Radio Control Centre Working Alone Safety


The FRO has links to many other types of Training that may be needed.


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