Nitin Kumar

University of Alberta

Going to climb spectacular megafauna
Wapta icefields, Alberta

About Me

I'm Nitin Chidambaram, a finishing graduate student in Mathematics at the University of Alberta, working under the supervision of Vincent Bouchard and David Favero. Starting in August, I will be a postdoc at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics, Bonn.

I'm broadly interested in algebraic geometry and what ideas from string theory can teach us about geometry. I've spent some time thinking about the Eynard-Orantin topological recursion in connection to enumerative geometry, and derived categories of algebraic varieties.

For more details, please take a look at my CV below.

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Publications and Preprints

Here is a list of all my publications and preprints:

Windows from cdgas (with D.Favero, 28 pages)
arXiv:2001.05596 [math.AG] (submitted)
Kernels for Grassmann Flops (with M.Ballard, D.Favero, P.McFaddin and R.Vandermolen, 27 pages)
arXiv:1904.12195 [math.AG] (submitted)
Higher Airy Structures, W algebras and topological recursion (with G.Borot, V. Bouchard, T.Creutzig and D.Noschenko, 93 pages)
arXiv:1812.08738[math-ph] (submitted)
Quantizing Weierstrass (with V. Bouchard and T.Dauphinee, 40 pages)
Commun. Num. Theor. Phys. 12 253-303. (2018)
Canonical Structure of the E10 Model and Supersymmetry (with A.Kleinschmidt and H.Nicolai, 40 pages)
Phys. Rev. D 91, 085039. (2015)

Or equivalently, here is the list on the arXiv :

Other things I like to do

When I'm not doing math, I'm typically rock climbing, backcountry skiing, running, mountaineering or doing something else in the mountains. The Canadian Rockies are beautiful! Here are some pictures.

Sinster 7 finish line, 2019


Finishing my first 100-mile race! Sinster 7 at Crowsnest Pass

Backcountry skiing

St. Nicholas peak on the edge of the Wapta Icefields

Rock climbing

Final pitch of "I cant believe it's a girdle", Joshua Tree, CA

Contact Me

If you would like to talk about math, or the mountains or something mutually interesting, you can find me at