Christian Haas in the air



Sea Ice Geophysics & Electromagnetics

  • Diploma Geophysics, University of Kiel, 1993
  • PhD Geophysics, Alfred Wegener Institute, 1996
  • Professor, University of Alberta, 2007-present

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  • Research

    MI8 Take off Snow pit examination QuikScat sigm_0 Arctic Gap layer
    Ice thickness variability Snow properties Remote sensing & validation Sea ice biology & biogeochemistry


  • EM ice thickness surveying
  •  EM sounding in Southern Alberta (Geophysics field school)

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  • Projects and other links

  • Vagabond in South Cape Fjord, Winter 2011/12
  • Polar hovercraft
  • PoleAirship
  • GlobICE
  • ISPOL (Ice Station Polarstern)
  • International Programme for Antarctic Buoys (IPAB)
  • International Arctic Buoy Programme (IABP)
  • Norwegian Academy for Polar Sciences
  • Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Sea ice group (my old pages...)
  • Scott Base, Antarctica
  • CryoSat
  • Geophysical Sciences, University of Alberta

  • Data

  • Pangaea (data archive at Alfred Wegener Institute, which holds many of my data)
  • Unified Sea Ice Thickness Climate Data Record
  • Polar Data Catalogue

  • Last updated May 2012