Psyco 413 Design and Analysis of Experiments in Psychology
Provides the background necessary to design and analyze data in any area of experimental psychology and prepares students to conduct original research. Topics include sampling distributions and hypothesis testing; issues in and analysis of between-subjects, within-subjects, and mixed designs; trend analysis; planned and post hoc comparisons; fixed and random effects factors; and efficiency and power of various experimental designs. Prerequisite: STAT 141 or 151 and any 300-level PSYCO. [Faculty of Science]

Psyco 357 Language Processing
A survey of theories and research on the production and comprehension of spoken and written language. Topics include speech perception, printed word recognition, sentence production and comprehension, discourse processing, reading, language development, and language pathologies. The focus will be on the processing mechanisms implicated by findings in the area. Prerequisite: PSYCO 258. [Faculty of Arts]