Christopher M. Fletcher

Ongoing and Recent Research

Continuing Grants — principal investigator

Visual Pedagogy, Community Service and Learning Outcomes in Visual Anthropology Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund, University of Alberta

Aboriginal Voice in Environmental Impact Assessment. ArcticNet April 2005. See summary.

Cultural Models, Concepts, and Practices in Dene Health and Healing, Déline, Northwest Territories. Canadian Institutes for Health Research. November 2003. See summary.

Social organization of urban space: Human-Animal relations in middle class Edmonton. Faculty of Arts, Support for Advancement of Scholarship Research Fund.

Continuing Grants — co-applicant/collaborator

Community Perspectives on Caribou SSHRC Aboriginal Research Grants

Aboriginal Capacity and Developmental Research Environments (ACADRE) Canadian Institutes for Health Research (renewal)

Models and Metaphors of Healing in Aboriginal Society. Aboriginal Healing Foundation-National Network for Aboriginal Mental Health.

ArcticNet National Centre for Excellence

National Network for Aboriginal Mental Health Research Canadian Institutes for Health Research

Projects and research areas

Ecological Subjectivity
Attitudes towards indigenous whaling (with Mike Evans).
Dene perspectives on property and the ownership of narratives. (Collaborative research with Deline Uranium Team, Déline NT.)
March of the Stone People. Spatial-semiotics of southern Inuksuit.
Models and Metaphores of Health and Healing in Inuit Communities
Anthropology of "Equivocal Illnesses" - Environmental Sensitivity in Nova Scotia
Indigeneity, culture and knowledge in social and environmental impact assessment
Multidisciplinary perspectives on the landscape of Labrador - Innu Concepts of Landscape, Ashkui Case Study
Politics and practices in Indigenous knowledge
Aboriginal concepts, models and practices in health and healing
Cross-cultural mental health constructs
Inuit customary adoption
Community Seascapes - Names for sea floor features inshore Nova Scotia