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Brief Biography:

Dr. Deutsch is Director and Professor in the School of Mining and Petroleum Engineering, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at the University of Alberta. He teaches and conducts research into better ways to model heterogeneity and uncertainty in petroleum reservoirs and mineral deposits. Prior to joining the University of Alberta, Dr. Deutsch was an Associate Professor (Research) in the Department of Petroleum Engineering at Stanford University. His employment history also includes three years with Exxon Production Research Company and three years of experience with Placer Dome Inc. Dr. Deutsch has published six books and over 200 research papers. Dr. Deutsch holds the Alberta Chamber of Resources Industry Chair in Mining Engineering and the Canada Research Chair in Natural Resources Uncertainty Characterization.


Employment History:

1997 - present: Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Professor (Associate Professor prior to July 2001): teach and direct research within the School of Mining and Petroleum Engineering within the Department. Active areas of research include (1) the application of geostatistical tools to modeling petroleum reservoirs, (2) stochastic methods for grade control, and (3) improved techniques for geostatistical modeling that integrate diverse data types such as complex non-linear geologic features and dynamic historical production data. Consultant: within university guidelines, provide consulting assistance to companies and government institutions in the area of geostatistical modeling.

September 1995 - 1997: Department of Petroleum Engineering, Stanford University

Associate Professor (Research): direct research within the Stanford Center for Reservoir Forecasting (an industrial consortium with more than 30 member companies); teach classes in reservoir modeling and interdisciplinary aspects of reservoir management. Active areas of research include (1) hierarchical pseudo-genetic simulation of reservoir lithofacies, (2) prior integration of seismic and production data in stochastic reservoir models, and (3) dynamic scale-up from geologic model to flow model. Consultant: within university guidelines, provide consulting assistance to companies and government institutions in the area of geostatistical modeling.

June 1992 - August 1995: Exxon Production Research Company, Houston, Texas

Research Specialist: assigned to the Geologic/Engineering Studies Section of the Reservoir Division to conduct research and applications projects in reservoir characterization. 60% of time devoted to basic research into improved geostatistical techniques for lithofacies and petrophysical property modeling. Remaining time devoted to applications/testing of these methods to practical problems (e.g., North Sea, Texas, Canada, Saudi Arabia, China, and Australia) and teaching in-house training schools. Consulting Associate Professor: traveled to Stanford University to give lectures, lead seminars, and advise students in the area of reservoir characterization.

July 1987 - December 1989: Placer Dome Inc., Vancouver, BC

Geostatistician/Mining Engineer: duties included the preparation of geostatistical geological models, mineral inventories, and mine designs for project evaluations and feasibility studies. In addition, research was directed towards the development of new ideas and techniques related to the use of geostatistics and computers in mine engineering. Prepared feasibility studies and reports on the geostatistical characterization of a number of mineral properties.