Gentry Wood

Gentry Wood graduated from the University of Alberta Materials Engineering program in the spring of 2012. He has been involved projects in the Canadian Centre for Welding and Joining since late 2010 including electrical resistivity of tubular consumables, high speed videography of laser cladding, and shielding gas effects on carbide retention in GMAW. His interest in the welding phenomena and overlays has led him to continue research in the CCWJ.

As an undergraduate, Gentry had the opportunity to complete two internships with a local laser cladding company, which has continued in the form of sponsorship to graduate school. The purposed PhD project is to develop a model to predict clad geometry as a function of major process parameters such as laser power, travel speed, powder feed rate, and laser optics. This will require a detailed study of the metallurgy, heat transfer, and mass transfer associated with the cladding process.

Outside of the lab Gentry enjoys playing basketball, drinking beer, travelling, and courting young ladies.

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