Matthew Dewar

Matthew Dewar joined the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering at the University of Alberta in September 2007 in the traditional Materials Engineering program. He has recently graduated in 2010 with his degree and is now pursuing his Master of Science at the Canadian Center for Welding and Joining under Professor Adrian Gerlich.

Matt became interested in materials research when he decided to do an undergraduate Dean's Research Award in 2009 with Dr. Adrian Gerlich, and Dr. André McDonald in the field of Cold Spray. He then further pursued his cold spray research during the summer of 2009.

Matt's masters research involves embrittlement issues in niobium modified 20Cr-32Ni stainless steels alloys after long term exposure to elevated temperatures. These alloys are commonly cast for manifolds which are to be used in hydrogen reforming processes. Matt's goal is to study the stability of the deleterious 'G-phase' by modifying the chemistry of this alloy with the help of a materials thermodynamics software package, ThermoCalc. He is also studying the effects of various casting processes in order to formulate an optimum recipe for casting these manifolds.

In Matt's spare time he enjoys recording, and listening to music, as well as computer programming/scripting. Matt also values time spent with close friends and family.

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