Nairn Barnes

Nairn Barnes graduated in winter 2013 from the University of Alberta with a bachelor’s degree in Materials Engineering. During his undergraduate degree he was involved in research activities in the Canadian Centre for Welding and Joining, completing three Dean’s Research Awards. The focus of the research done included the effect of helium vs argon as shielding gases, tubular chrome carbide overlay consumables and the ternary phase diagram for CCOs. He also spent a summer working in the lab through a government funded award program setting up and running the PTAW in the lab. Nairn will be joining the Master’s program at the U of A working on furthering understanding of the banded microstructure present in CCOs through the use of heat transfer and the low dilution of the PTAW.

Nairn enjoys playing soccer, golf, and video games. When he’s not in the lab, Nairn can often be found playing pretty much any sport, spending time with friends and family and reading.

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