Dr. Goetz Dapp

Goetz Dapp has been involved in the CCWJ since 2011. He has an eclectic interdisciplinary background and a great interest in welding. Goetz holds a welding certificate from the German Welding Society (DVS), a PhD in Theatre Studies from the University of Amsterdam, degrees from the University of Toronto and the Johannes Gutenberg-University in Mainz, Germany, and a Professional Acting Diploma from Sheridan College, Oakville, Ontario.

Prior to becoming Program Manager, Goetz has been a Research Assistant at the CCWJ, and a Sessional Instructor at the Department of Drama at the University of Alberta. Goetz has a lot of experience in multimedia applications and technology; has directed, created, and worked on numerous theatre performances and concerts; has worked as a consultant on several multimedia projects; has worked in film and television; and is pursuing on an interdisciplinary research project that brings together Welding and Theatre.

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