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Open labs are a great opportunity for you to learn more about welding, and get hands on experience with the welding equipment we have here at the Canadian Center for Welding and Joining.

Welding is a major industry to the economy of Alberta Canada, and has plenty of opportunities for you grow if you choose it as a career. Either as a welder by trade, or as a welding engineer, it can take you all over the world, and introduce you to people from all facets of life. With welding being such a large industry, numerous companies invest millions of dollars a year into the research and development of welding, and welding technology. As a result, welding is an ever expanding industry where you will be constantly learning new things everyday in order to keep up with the current methods, and trends of the industry.

Our Open labs are open to anyone, and everyone from all different grades, disciplines, and careers. Whether you are a 10th grade student learning about welding for the first time in a classroom, or a senior engineering or science major wanting to see first hand how the process works. We organize open labs periodically throughout the year, and will list them on our website a few weeks in advance. If you wish to join please sign up for the next open lab on the link beside this text. We only have limited space for each open lab, so if they are full dont get discouraged from joining the next one as it will only be weeks away.

If you are a junior high, or high school student/teacher looking for a fun, exciting, and educational field trip you can always send a request for a private open lab for you class. We would be happy to welcome you and your classmates to our lab here at the University of Alberta. If you are interested please contact The CCWJ director Dr. Patricio Mendez at

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