ARC Mate 100iC robot

The Canadian Centre for Welding and Joining (CCWJ) facilities features state of the art in automated welding using the ARC Mate 100iC series welding robot. The 100iC welding robot operates on a six-axis, electric servo-driven, modular design capable of high-speed welding and cutting. Its voltage and current can be adjusted between 0 - 99.9 V and 0 – 500 A, respectively, and wire feed control can be set as high as 800 inch/min for standard, aluminum, and soft wire application. Controls for the 100iC robot are intuitive using the arc welding teaching pendant with application-specific hard keys, and welding programs are easily generated affording both graduate and undergraduate students an opportunity to utilize the robot for research. Although automated welding is used most often in an industrial setting, the extreme precision associated with the 100iC robot is highly desirable for research in materials engineering as well. The 100iC robot is currently being used to study the effects of welding parameters and shielding gas in gas metal arc welding (GMAW) in conjunction with a data acquisition systems and high speed video. The goal of the CCWJ is to attain thorough understanding of the mechanisms and theory behind GMAW, which can be translated to an industrial setting to improve productivity and overall weld integrity.

  • Lincoln Electric Powerwave 455M/STT welding power source
  • Integrated rotating positioner, enabling 7th axis of movement

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