Lincoln PowerWave AC/DC 1000 SD

The Machine

This high performance software-driven submerged arc welding power source is controlled by Lincoln's Waveform Control Technology, allowing easier operator input and more control over the welding arc. It has the ability to weld in DCEN, DCEP, balanced and variable AC power to suit any welding situation and requirement. The PowerWave 1000 SD is capable of single or tandem arc welding, allowing increased productivity. Lincoln Electric True Energy allows instantaneous and highly accurate energy input into the weld, allowing the operator to control the deposition, penetration, and metallurgy of the weld. This results in increased welding speeds, higher efficiencies, and higher quality welds over conventional DC power supplies.

Courtesy of Lincoln Electric


The Lincoln PowerWave 1000 is well suited for welding large sections of plate, bridge decking, panel line, pipe seamer, pressure vessels, robotic submerged arc welding, and pipelines with deposition rates up to 30 lb/hr. It can also be used for protective overlay coatings on various pieces of equipment.

Courtesy of Lincoln Electric

We would like to acknowledge the generous support of Lincoln Electric for donating this equipment.

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