Spectrum 2050 Plasma Cutter

Process Name

The Spectrum 2050 Plasma Cutter cuts through electrically conductive materials by creating a plasma gas with an electrode and blowing compressed air through the nozzle. The high temperatures of the plasma arc melt the metal while the compressed air forced through the nozzle blows the molten metal away, cutting or gouging the metal. The Spectrum 2050 can be powered by any power source producing greater than 11 kW or can be connected to an external power source capable of: 208-575 V, 50-55 A, and 1 or 3 phase power. The torch can start without high-frequency, reducing the potential damage on controls or computers while the post-flow cooling circuit cools the torch after the arc is shut off, extending the usable lifetime of consumables.


The Spectrum 2050 Plasma Cutter is rated to cut 22 mm (0.875 in.), but can sever up to a 29 mm (1.125 in.) section of steel. The machine can cut complex shapes with a surface finish similar to that of a high-quality oxy-fuel cut.

Maximum Thickness (in.)

Type of Cut



Hand-held Piercing



Automated Speed

27 ipm



10 ipm


Sever Cut

3 ipm


This milling machine equipped with the JR3 load cell may be utilized for friction stir welding or processing of a variety of materials including: all Al alloys, copper and its alloys, zinc and its alloys, magnesium and its alloys, titanium and its alloys, lead, metal matrix composites, and polymers. Due to its high loading capacity it may even be used for steels. It is also possible to investigate tool loading and frictional heating during machining operations with this system, as the load cell can measure loads and total mechanical energy input imposed on the workpiece.

We would like to acknowledge the generous support of Miller Electric for donating this equipment.

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