Miller PipePro 450 RFC with PipePro Single Feeder

The Machine

The Miller PipePro 450 RFC is a modern power supply typically used for Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), a process in which a wire filler metal is continuously fed to maintain an arc between it and the material being welded. The weld puddle and electrode are protected by a shielding gas that is usually composed of inert argon (Ar) and an oxidizing gas, such as carbon dioxide (CO2) or oxygen (O2).


GMAW plays a significant role in the fabrication sector of Alberta because it is easy to automate, easy to operate and produces high quality weldments. The process is used in the fabrication of pipeline, pressure vessels, heavy equipment and several other industries in the province.


Currently the PipePro is being used to facilitate droplet temperature measurements in free-flight GMAW. When the arc is established between the consumable wire and the copper cathode, the droplets that are produced fall through the hole in the cathode and into a constant-pressure water calorimeter. Within the calorimeter are two thermocouples that monitor the temperature change of the water. If the temperature change of the water is known, an energy balance can determine the temperature of the droplets as they were detached from the electrode. Knowing the droplet temperature is key to deal with issues like alloy loss, evaporation, dilution and fume formation.


Kevin Scott, MSc Student

  • Project Goal: Calculate the droplet temperature for a nickel/tungsten carbide (Ni-WC) overlay material to determine if the GMAW process is suitable for the deposition of these alloys.

We would like to acknowledge the generous support of Miller Electric for donating this equipment.

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