Babcock-Hitachi Hot-Wire TIG supply


The hot-wire TIG supply resistively heats the consumable filler metal using pulsed current to eliminate the common effect of magnetic arc blow. This produces a much more stable arc. The resistive heating of the consumable wire increases productivity as the melting rate of the wire is increased. The heat input from the GTAW (TIG) torch can also be reduced as lower energy is needed to melt the filler metal. Precise heat input to both the torch and consumable wire can produce very smooth surface finishes with no arc gouging. The Babcock-Hitachi power supply can be added to existing cold or hot-wire GTAW systems and can be operated in all positions with proper welding parameters to maintain the flexibility of the GTAW unit.

From K. Shinozaki, M. Yamamoto, K. Mitsuhata, T. Nagashima, T. Kanazawa and H. Arashin, IIW Doc. XII- 09


The Babcock-Hitachi hot-wire TIG supply can be used to weld large pipelines or plates using an automated system with productivity similar to GMAW. The welding arc can also be operated at low heat inputs, making it ideal for reducing the carbide dissolution commonly found in hardfacing overlays.

Lincoln Electric, Surface Tension Transfer (STT)


Stuart Guest, PhD Candidate

  • Project Goal: Low Heat Input Carbide Overlays

We would like to acknowledge the generous support of Babcock-Hitachi for donating this equipment.

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