Miller Dynasty 700

The Machine

The Miller Dynasty 700 is a power supply that can be used for either Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) or Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW). GTAW is a process in which an arc is maintained between a tungsten electrode and the base material. In this process, the electrode is not consumable, and instead filler material (if needed) is fed into the weld puddle by hand or by an automated machine. The electrode, weld puddle and filler material are protected by an inert gas, typically argon (Ar). In some cases, helium (He) or a reducing gas such as hydrogen (H2) is mixed with the argon to achieve different arc characteristics. SMAW, or "stick" welding, is thought of as a traditional welding process. An arc is established between a consumable welding rod and the base material. In SMAW, metered shielding gas is not used. Instead, the electrode is covered in flux that acts to form the shielding gas as well as deposit different minerals and alloying elements to the weld puddle.


GTAW is used where high quality/high precision welds are needed and can be seen in the welding of pipe as well as materials that are typically difficult to weld such as aluminum or titanium. SMAW is still readily used in the construction and pipeline industry because of its simplicity and portability.

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S. Kou, Welding Metallurgy, 2003


Current Research

The Dynasty 700 is currently being used to investigate the effect of shielding gas and polarity during GTA welding on steel and aluminum and in hot-wire assisted GTAW.

We would like to acknowledge the generous support of Miller Electric for donating this equipment.

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