Lincoln Power Wave 455M/STT

The Machine

High performance digitally controlled inverter power source with the ability for multi-process welding as well as utilizing Lincoln Electric's Surface Tension Transfer (STT) for low heat input and open root geometries. Power source can perform SMAW (stick), GTAW (TIG), GMAW (MIG), Pulsed GMAW, STT, FCAW, and gouging operations. The Power Wave 455M/STT uses Waveform Control Technology to precisely control metal transfer and heat input, eliminating the typical problems of lack of penetration and poor sidewall fusion when using short-arc GMAW processes. STT provides increased control of the weld puddle as the current is controlled independent of the wire feed speed and produces less spatter and fume compared to a traditional short-arc GMAW process.

Courtesy of Lincoln Electric


Easily weld high and low strength carbon steel, stainless steel, and alloys with low hydrogen concentrations in the weld deposit. Low heat input, high strength weld deposits, high productivity, and all position weldability makes process ideally suited for pipeline applications. STT process can be used in automated open root welding to produce repeatable and exceptional welds for code requirements in pipeline applications.

Lincoln Electric, Surface Tension Transfer (STT)

We would like to acknowledge the generous support of Lincoln Electric for donating this equipment.

Current Research

The Powerwave 455M/STT is currently being used to investigate the effects of shielding gas on metal transfer in GMAW, effect of polarity and shielding gas using tubular Ni-WC overlay consumables, and in hot-wire assisted GMAW.

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