Mitutoyo MVK-H1 Microhardness Tester

This bench-top microhardness tester allows microhardness measurements to be carried out on a variety of materials. The ability to pinpoint and indent phases on the order of 10 µm allows the precise measurement of the hardness of very fine microstructures.


Force Capacity 98.07-9807mN (10-1000gf)
Sample size One sample 0.010 inches (0.25 mm) square or larger
  • Digimatic Micrometer head is used in the feeding mechanism of the XY stage, the positional data can be digitally displayed.
  • Data processing functions such as hardness scale conversion and statistical calculation are provided.
  • The result of tolerance judgement is given on the LED.


The system is currently used primarily in the hardness evaluation of steels, and Ni-based alloys for high wear environments such as those in the oil-sands industry. For example, the optics and the precision of the indenter have allowed the user to indent very fine Cr-rich particles as well as the dendritic and interdendritic phases of the alloys as shown above. This allows for more detailed information regarding the contribution of each phase to the hardness of the alloy.

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