Bruker Gas Chromatograph

Gas Chromatography (H, O, N analysis)

Metals, minerals, and inorganic compounds markets demand high-quality products. But all solid materials are influenced in their reactivity and mechanical properties by certain specific chemical elements, either positively or negatively. Therefore there is a need for continuous and rapid monitoring of such these specific elements, from raw material to finished products. User specifications, standards and product liability all demand the highest level of product monitoring.


The gas chromatography system will facilitate the quantification of oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen in a wide range of materials. In the case of welding, the presence of diffusible hydrogen is a significant issue in avoiding hydrogen induced cracking during welding of high strength steels. Traditionally the use of mercury immersion testing has been used for this purpose; however the use of mercury is no longer permitted on campus.

The key features of this equipment include:

  • Diffusible Hydrogen testing capability per ISO 3690/AWS 4.3 Standards
  • Quantification of oxygen and nitrogen as well at temperatures up to 900ºC

Lincoln Electric, Surface Tension Transfer (STT)

We would like to acknowledge the generous support of NSERC for obtaining this equipment in 2010.

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