COMSOL Multiphysics

Numerical modeling of the welding process involves mathematical representation of the physical phenomenon and solving it numerically to simulate the real time process. It is of predominant importance as it helps to control the process better and optimize the inputs to produce the desired weld. COMSOL Multiphysics is a CFD package, based on FEM, which can be employed to simulate the fluid flow and heat transfer phenomenon occurring in any welding process.


The knowledge of temperature distribution in the body is of particular interest in carrying out any welding process. In simulating such a process, all the input welding parameters has to be taken into account and the boundary conditions has to be chosen very well such that they represent the real time scenario.

Subdomain temperature distribution in a moving E-beam welding process

Welding process simulated in moving coordinates representing material flow under a fixed beam

Our model studies the heat transfer phenomenon in moving source and accounts for the phase transition and any heat loss through the boundaries due to convection, radiation and evaporation.


Satya Sai Gajapathi, M.Sc. student

  • Project Goal: Micro/Nano welding using electron beam

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