I am interested in data driven problems in mathematical biology, machine learning, and general data science applications.

Physiology of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed are lives. The focus is to minimize the spread of the disease and its impact on people at risk while maintaning the economy alive. But what does the virus do to our body?

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Carryover of a bifurcation

What happens take a system of ODEs with a bifurcation and transform one parameter into a variable, would the bifurcation persisten in the extended system?

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Low-dose radiation and the cell cycle

Hyper radio-sensitivity and increased radioresistance (HRS/IRR) is an interesting phenomenon observed on many cells line at low-dose of radiation. What is the role of the cell cycle in this phenomenon?

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Histone H1

Histone H1 is a protein that packs the DNA into chromatin and chromosomes. The study of its dynamics is important to reveal the mechanisms in which DNA is accessible.

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Courses I am currently teaching or recently taught.

Mate 4 MA2115 (USB)

Prepardurías de Mate 4 en la Universidad Simón Bolívar - Trimestre Ene-Mar 2021.

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MATH 300 Advanced Boundary Value Problems

Partial Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems for Engineers - Spring 2020.

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MATH 134 Calculus I for Life Sciences

Introductory calculus course with application in biology - Fall 2019 and Winter 2020.

MATH 201 DIfferential Equations

Ordinary Differential Equations and Introduction to Partial Differential Equations for Engineers - Winter 2019.

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STAT 235 Statistics

Statistics for Engineers - Fall Term 2016 - Labs.

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Side projects where I collaborate.

3D Printing

We love 3D printing!

Check out what we are up to on instagram @Eke3DPrint

Tesis USB

Clases de LaTeX para la tesis de la Universidad Simón Bolivar (pregrado y postgrado).

LaTeX thesis class for the Universidad Simón Bolivar (undergraduate and graduate).

Download zip file for: Linux, Windows.