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Recent Developments and Related Organization News

Long-range Planning Task Group

A volunteer Task Group is researching and mapping the constitution, organizational structure, and educational programming of the LAMBDA Educational Consortium, the parent body for the LAMBDA Educational Research Foundation, and the LAMBDA Institute of Gay and Lesbian Studies.

A goal of Phase I of this project is to complete a feasibility study on the Institute entering into the virtual educational arena, i.e., the development, delivery, evaluation and web conferencing related to online courses. This event's time budget is 30 working days. The projected completion date is November 30, 1999.

Thus, when phase one of this project is completed, we will respond by email to requests for membership with our organization.

Rick Mozil
The LAMBDA Educational Consortium       Posted: Thursday, November 4, 1999.

Involvement with LAMBDA

We acknowledge many requests for information concerning a way that people might contribute to developing LAMBDA's resources. I direct you to our home page, as ask that you read the section, "Recent Developments and Related Organization News." Here you will find where we require the most help.

We are a volunteer group of educationalists from mixed disciplines, and at this time do not receive financial compensation. The LAMBDA Educational Consortium is run on a shoe-string budget, and this aspect will change. But, it takes time and the continued contributions and efforts by many volunteers to continue our work to meet our organizational goals. One of our aims is to build this organization into a financially sound and reliant accredited virtual institute of learning.

Nevertheless, our past experience with similar requests, and correspondence on this topic leave us without an outcome, i.e., the person is generally looking for an immediate financial gain. I am not suggesting this may be the same for everybody. Yes, we do need and require assistance from academics, researchers, eductionalists, program developers. However, at this time, we cannot offer any financial compensation for their contributions of time and resources.

Fees for authored material offered for delivery either by long-distance learning or site learning, assuming registration quotas meet the events budget are negotiated with the author, publisher of pubished material, or with the author of non-published material before the program is marketed or delivered.

What we offer is an invitation to join an innovative educational team, to volunteer time and resources to help construct the blocks to support the organization's aim, but primarily, to assist us with meeting the vision of the LAMBDA Educational Consortium, including research projects that will soon be underway.

If you are or remain interested after reading this posting, please contact us by email. Then we will begin a dialogue. If you find what we offer is not what you are looking for, we thank you for your interest.

Rick Mozil
The LAMBDA Educational Consortium       Posted: Saturday, November 6, 1999.


The following is from an article published in the Perceptions magazine, out of Saskatoon, SK, February 1994, after we received our Certificate of Incorporation, January 10, 1994:

What Difference Should It Make?
Sexual orientation should not make any difference! Two people, with this value in mind, began in April 1993 formulating a plan of action. This resulted in the development of a new nonprofit organization based in Edmonton, called 'LAMBDA Educational Research Foundation'.

Over many cups of coffee, ideas were tossed around and discussed about what the primary purpose of the Foundation should be. Then it was decided to incorporate as a nonprofit society. With this decision the coffee mates moved on to brainstorming ideas until their heads ached. After several pain killers, we came up with a Mission Statement which reads "The Foundation promotes research into Gay and Lesbian issues and lifestyles for the purpose of public education."
From that moment, we began the long and strenuous search for people who shared this ideal. We were successful in finding people with different experiences and sexual orientations to join us in being Founders of LAMBDA.

LAMBDA was developed on the principle that sexual orientation does not matter. We were successful at gaining good representation of members no matter their sexual preference. Needless to say, the focus of the discussions was on aspects of research, education, and the person's views on Gay and Lesbian lifestyles and social issues.

The Founding members are professional educators, continually researching and developing materials for workshops, seminars, and discussions about Gay and Lesbian issues. For example, a series of workshops on Relationship Enhancement, Anti-Homophobia seminar for heterosexuals, and Life Skills Student sessions is being worked on, and will be available for registration in the near future. These sessions are being developed with the idea that public education can be a key element towards creating awareness and growth toward equality.

Our work is only beginning since we just received our Certificate of Incorporation, and more exciting ideas, developments, and activities are yet to come. We are excited about the response and support we have received to date! Therefore! we encourage and welcome folks that share a similar ideal, to drop us a line and/or follow the program of events calendar that will be published in Perceptions this year.

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OVERVIEW of the Foundation and the Institute of Gay and Lesbian Studies

The LAMBDA Educational Research Foundation was established as a non-profit and autonomous organization in 1994.
The LAMBDA Institute of Gay and Lesbian Studies was formed as a branch society in 1995 to administer to and carry out the research, education, and consulting components of the society. The LAMBDA organization is a locally based research and education centre for educators, scholars, specialists, students, and other interested persons concerned with gay and lesbian social issues, particularly, the multi-faceted issues of the homosexual culture and lifestyle, problems with stability and security, political and social changes.

The Foundation and Institute are governed by a six-member Board of Directors comprising members from various professional backgrounds, including adult education. A three-person Executive Committee oversees the day-to-day operations; it is chaired by the chief executive officer who along with the Vice Chair and Past Chair povide guidance and leadership to the governing Board. Five standing committees aid in developing and maintaining of professionalism, membership, education, research, resources, marketing and public relations, organization policy and administration.

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The LAMBDA organization promotes research into lesbian and gay issues and lifestyles for the purpose of public education. The fundamental educational and research purposes of the Foundation and its Institute are to provide:


The fundamental ideology of the LAMBDA organization is, through the framework of its members and other administrative levels of the organization:
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We have recategorized the organization's service areas since the development of the Institute.
The Foundation is responsible for governing the Institute; it will focus on funding, financial matters and other services.
The Institute will not be solely responsible for this area, but as an educational service provider, it would contribute toward the financial goals of the organization. The division of responsibilities allows the Foundation to focus on, administer to, and coordinate fundraising activities, membership drives and solicit contributions, and make donations to organizations whose mission statements promote education and research.

The Institute will concentrate on these services:

An important note: As an educational consulting service provider, our services are not limited to the City of Edmonton or the greater Edmonton area. We possess network capabilities via the Internet that allow us to offer a full range of services which include e-mail, net serving, and distribution of research and educational materials. We also subscribe to organizations and groups with similar interests throughout the world that have file transfer protocol and newsnet services. We store educational and service information in dBASE files, which are part of our library and archive databanks.

OTHER INFORMATION SERVICES Our organization is an education consulting service provider. To aid our pursuit of information sharing, we are developing marketing strategies and advertising materials. These materials include brochures, course catalogues and the Foundation newsletter. The brochure and course catalogue are near completion. The newsletter is in an early stage of development.

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LAMBDA has created many references available for you to copy to your own computer for easy reference and use. Please feel free to print out or copy and paste these files. Credit as to the source would be appreciated. Click on the file you want from the list (under development) below.

Coming Out

      IGNORANCE --------> FEAR -----------> HATRED
                                         "QUEER BASHING"

Human Rights and Homosexuality
PFLAG's Is Homosexuality a Sin?
What Difference Does It Make? (coming out, coming out model, homosexual culture, silent activism, etc.)
Words to Live By from Keith Charles O'Shea '95
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The Institute has established a news group for the purposes of discussion, research, information exchange and announcements. The Institute carries out research, educational program planning and delivery, and consulting on homosexual, bisexual and transgender social issues and lifestyles for public education. We invite interested persons to link with our news group, read the postings, contribute topics of an educational nature and to the discussions, and to the vitality of this discussion group. As well, we are responsible for the monitoring of the group, to ensure there that the information posted in the group is not in contravention to our Standards and Ethics policies.

The Newsgroup for Lambda Education dialogue is at Ask your news server to add it to the list of groups it subscribes to, so you can join in on the exchange of ideas. Or if you prefer, E-mail your news administrator's or server administrator's E-mail address to us, and we will contact them.
Or you can try our test link: Lambda Newsgroup

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The LAMBDA Institute of Gay and Lesbian Studies is calling for resources to help the development of its library and research DBASE. We invite donations and submissions of papers; theses, reports, term papers, works of literature; including nonfiction, research, statistics, studies, journals, magazines, newspapers, reviews, reference works, archive and unpublished materials on any aspect of homosexuality. These areas are inclusive of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, transsexual groups in the humanities and social sciences. It is our policy that copyrights, authorship and recognition of the sources of our materials are acknowledged and disclosed according to our Code of Ethics and Standards, which in part, are based on the American Psychological Association Publication Standards (APA Standards). Please E-mail the LAMBDA Organization if you or your organization is interested in contributing materials.

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The LAMBDA Institute of Gay and Lesbian Studies intends to offer the following educational courses and programs as soon as possible. Ask (through e-mail to Lambda) to be put on the mailing list for our course catalogue (when it becomes available) which will have more details about the courses, including costs, location, dates and times of delivery, profiles on instructors, and how to register.



  • Living in a Mixed Orientation Marriage [homosexual or bisexual wed to heterosexual]


    HELP WANTED: These are the courses and programs we seek help in developing. These are not necessarily the final titles of any course, but they give an idea of what we are seeking. If you are interested in working with the Lambda team on developing one of these topics or submitting a URL for linking to a topic, please e-mail us at Lambda.

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    The Foundation and its Institute adhere to a professional code of ethics. All educational and research approaches are conducted in an ethical and scientific manner which meets the standards set by the Standards and Ethics Committee of the organization.

    Each person/group requesting services from the Foundation and its Institute receives the highest standard of service. The organization recruits qualified staff and volunteers, encourages and supports their ongoing training and educational goals, and ensures that all those providing services are aware of and understand the Foundation's mission statement, philosophy and code of ethics.

    This organization is fully and publicly accountable for its services, programs and fiscal operations.
    You are invited to read our Code of Ethics.

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    We have registered the parent organization and its branch society as a not-for-profit society. This does not waive our responsibility to generate a cash flow to meet our objectives. We have begun developing a fee scale for programs and some service areas. Referral services, some archive and academic services, groups, literary and debating sessions, and possibly libraries will be fee exempt. We will tailor the fee scale to all income brackets. It is not our intention to create a financial barrier to education, but to aid in the development of education and increased awareness.
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    Members will receive a membership package including a free subscription to the Foundation's newsletter and a course calendar. Referral services are free and courses and programs are offered to members at a reduced cost throughout the year.

    The libraries and archive resources and other services offered by this organization are available to members. As the Foundation and its Institute grow, so will the services and benefits to members.

    Membership Fees
    Individual or family - $10.00
    Subscription membership (for institutions and organizations) - $50.00

    We welcome and appreciate donations. Charitable status is in the works. Once we receive our status number, we will begin issuing tax-deductible receipts for educational and non-educational fees and donations.

    Membership Policy

    Membership Fees:
    Membership is separated into two categories: Individual and Subscription.
    Individual memberships include the Life, Honorary, Private and Individual classifications as defined in the Bylaws.
    Subscription memberships include the Corporate and Institutional classifications.

    The annual Individual membership fee for the LAMBDA organization (the Foundation and its Institute) is ten dollars ($10.00) Canadian.
    The annual Subscription membership fee is fifty dollars ($50.00) Canadian. These memberships have no voting privileges, but will receive all Society literature. When a Subscription membership is purchased, the President or Executive Director of that Institution or Organization will automatically receive an Individual membership.

    Special consideration is given to the economically disadvantaged. Those individuals may volunteer ten (10) hours or more to the Society in lieu of money.

    The membership year expires twelve (12) months after the date of granting the membership.

    Membership Privileges:
    Members are encouraged to be involved in all aspects of membership as long as their membership is in good standing with the Society.
    All members will receive a bi-monthly newsletter highlighting social issues affecting homosexual persons, the activities of the LAMBDA Organization including notices of upcoming events and courses.
    All members may attend regular Board meetings and the Annual General meeting.
    Training courses and programs is offered to members at a reduced price.
    The libraries and archive resources and other services offered by the LAMBDA Organization are available to members.

    Recognition of Contributions to the LAMBDA organization:
    The three (3) categories for recognizing individuals and organizations which support the Society through either financial and/or volunteer work are:
    Bronze: for financial donations between $60 and $150 dollars Canadian over one membership year and/or 10-30 hours of volunteer service.
    Silver: for financial donations between $151 and $300 dollars Canadian over one membership year and/or 31-60 hours of volunteer service.
    Gold: for financial donations over $300 dollars Canadian over one membership year and/or over 61 hours of volunteer service.

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    The LAMBDA organization [LAMBDA Educational Research Foundation, a society incorporated in 1994 and LAMBDA Institute of Gay and Lesbian Studies, a branch society] is a Canadian-based educational consulting service provider focusing on gay and lesbian social issues.
    We welcome inquiries about our organization and its services.

    TO CONTACT US, please send an e-mail, or

    Postal mail to: 10925 - 69th Ave. NW Edmonton AB CA T6H 2E4, or

    Fax: (780) 988-2112.

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