The LAMBDA organization is a private, not-for-profit, charitable membership organization. It acts as a representative voice and resource for its members on issues relating to being a gay man or lesbian women in todays society. As such, it expects of its members compassion, belief in the dignity and worth of human beings, respect for individual differences and a commitment to helping to improve the quality of life of others.

LAMBDA Educational Research Foundation and LAMBDA Institute of Gay and Lesbian Studies affirms that its primary goal is that being gay or lesbian should not matter in a fair and just society.

Basic Precepts

A. General Conduct

  1. We are committed to contributing time and expertise to activities that promote respect and understanding of Lesbian Woman and Gay Men's issues and their families.
  2. We will not condone dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation.
  3. We will distinguish clearly between actions and statements made as private individuals and those made as members of the LAMBDA organization.
  4. We will conduct our daily relationships in a dignified, courteous and professional manner and will not exploit our professional relationships for personal gain.
  5. We will work for change and improvement as part of the human service system within the framework of existing policy, procedures and tradition, respecting all elements and interacting with each in a spirit of cooperation.
  6. We will uphold and advocate the policies and mandate of the LAMBDA organization.
  7. We will be committed to the development of sound policies and programs to maintain the quality and effectiveness of our services.
B. Ethical Responsibilities to Clients
  1. We do not practice or condone any form of discrimination on the basis of race, colour, sex, age, religion, national origin, mental or physical handicap or any preference, personal characteristic, condition or status.
  2. We will serve clients with the maximum application of professional skill, competence and dedication to help them assume responsibility for themselves.
  3. Exploitation of relationships with clients will not be condoned.
  4. We will uphold client's rights to a relationship of mutual trust, privacy, confidentiality, and responsible use of information.
  5. Adherence to standards essential to the health, safety, as well as to the well being of clients, is fundamental to the quality of life and will be a primary concern.
  6. We will assist clients to achieve self-fulfilment and maximum potential within the limits of the equal rights and the client's legitimate desires and interests.
  7. Toward those whose behaviour is unacceptable, we will determine our course between empathy and allowing the client the freedom to take responsibility for their actions.
  8. Our goal is to provide clients with the opportunity for change and self-regulation and the achievement of their maximum potential.
C. Ethical Responsibility to Colleagues
  1. Respecting the training and performance of colleagues and other professionals, we will extend the cooperation necessary to enhance effective, quality services to all.
  2. We will respect differences of opinion and practice of colleagues by expressing criticism in writing or verbally in a constructive and responsible manner, while maintaining the person's dignity.
  3. We will extend the same care, consideration and respect to other professionals who are not members of the LAMBDA organization.
D. Ethical Responsibilities to Employers and Contractors
  1. We will be responsible and professional in our dealings with outside agencies and organizations.
  2. We will work to help outside organizations to recognize policies that are not in keeping with the ethical policies of the LAMBDA organization.
  3. We affirm the obligations made to outside organizations and shall always maintain professional practices in the area of financial arrangements, and therefore avoid any practice that results in unfair advantage to one party over another.
E. Ethical Responsibilities to the Community
  1. We shall never assume or portray that we speak for any other members of a society except for members of LAMBDA Educational Research Foundation and its Institute, LAMBDA Institute of Gay and Lesbian Studies.
  2. We recognize our responsibility to the client without disregarding our responsibility to the community.

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