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These photos take a few seconds to download, but they all pop up at once when that process is completed. You've waited this long to see what I look like, so you must be interested or just waiting for the pizza to be delivered. Can you tell I don't cook?
Charles in 2008

This is me in my sunny, plants-a-plenty breakfast room in Early 2008.

Charles in July 1999 This was me in July of 1999 when I got my "head shot" done to go with my acting CV when I went for auditions for movies (commercials) and stage performances. Thanks to the photographer I look really friendly.
Charles in February 1999

I'm usually a very up-beat guy
with an attitude of making peace and having fun.
I'm single now (divorced from my only wife in '82
and widowed by Patrick Morin, my life partner from '83-'89)
and I'm now willing to explore another relationship.

I'm impressed by the mountains and big trees of our Rocky Mountains and get there as often as I can. Here I am on the trail around Lake Louise pausing at a tree with an unusual trunk and an opening where I can insert my hand. It was a very mild December in 1997 and I didn't need heavy clothing so the sweater in the sunlight was enough.
Can you believe that this is me at age 20 ready to go to a formal dance at McMaster University in 1955? So innocent - so naive - so pure (still a virgin)!
Then, 15 years later, I was married with two children and doing my doctoral studies at Syracuse University! Such a nerd, eh? But a fun guy none the less.
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