After the Shower

Charles M. Bidwell

Fresh from the showers, the jock had toweled off the water from his glistening body and wrapped it around his waist. It encircled his trim body, but was not quite long enough to completely conceal his cut cock. It was pressing against the towel and I noticed it first off. I didn't want to stare, but I also didn't want to take my eyes off his crotch in case I missed seeing it in all its glory when he dropped the towel to get dressed. He didn't hurry. He walked slowly toward me and my mouth went slack. I don't know whether he noticed my gaze or not, but he stopped when he got to where I was sitting on the bench in the deserted locker room.

We were the last men of the night to shower and I was lingering in the hopes of seeing him naked once more. He had caught my attention in the showers and I had soaped and scrubbed until everyone else was gone. I had lingered in my rinsing as well, but he never seemed to notice me. Now he was standing in front of me and not moving. He didn't say a word.

Slowly and with a pounding heart and racing pulse, I moved my head closer to his toweled torso. He didn't move. I reached out my hand and slowly touched his strong inner thigh. He had his eyes closed and he didn't move a muscle. I ventured to stroke his thigh upward toward his balls and his rising cock. The towel moved, but he didn't. I cupped my hand around his balls and felt the soft, fuzzy sack that was tightening up. I brought my other hand up and caressed his cock. It was fully extended and had pushed the towel up. I slipped my hand around and helped free his body of the encumbering towel. He didn't move. I nearly passed out with excitement. This was a fantasy come to life and I could hardly contain myself. What could I do next? When would he stop me?

I ventured to kiss his rosy tip and smell his halo of hair. I ran my wet lips along his throbbing shaft and then gently slid my warm, moist mouth over and down his cock. It felt wonderful as I pressed against the back of my throat. It was as thick and satisfying as I had dreamed it might be. I stroked his ball bag and sucked on his cock until I heard him moan and felt the gush of bitter-sweat spunk surging into my mouth. I made a few more lunges down his cock and then held it in my mouth until it relaxed and became soft. I slowly released it into my waiting cupped hand and savoured the taste of his cum before I swallowed it.

He stood there for a few more seconds catching his breath and then he bent over and picked up his towel. He moved away to his locker, dressed and winked at me as he left. I grabbed his towel from where he had left it on the other bench and stretched out on the hard bench with it across my chest. I replayed the whole scene again in my mind as I stroked my cock into orgasm.

There are many benefits to going to the gym.

March 16, 2000