My Hot Guy
My Hot Guy
Charles M. Bidwell

The dull day sets a mellow mood. I rest my head and it is good.
The gentle rain lulls me to sleep and I give in; my dream is deep.

I cannot tell the place I'm in, but there's a man who's tall and trim
and he looks kindly -- smiles inviting. I think he's warm, and so exciting.
I walk up close and it feels fine. His electric eyes meet mine.
They hold my gaze and I grow weak. I hardly find the words to speak.

I cannot say I know he cared; I only know he stood and stared
and I got bold and wrapped an arm around his waist and without harm.
I told myself, "It's just a dream, so hug him more and let it seem
to be as real as you have wanted." I held his chest 'gainst mine, undaunted.

I slipped my hand beneath his belt and caressed the bum skin that I felt.
Its smooth and warmth delighted me. He sighed a sigh I could not see.
His bum was round and soft yet firm. The touch of it made my heart squirm.
I closed my eyes; imagined more, and saw us lying on the floor.

He held me close and let my hand explore the expanse of his body-land.
I found delight in hairy spots and licked his belly lots and lots.
He stroked my head and kissed my ear. I went ahead without much fear.
I read his body, as if blind and found a touching that was kind.

He let my child come out to play and explore him in any way.
We touched and laughed and licked a little until I happened on his nipple.
He warned, "That thing's electric so you stroke it right and off I go".
The challenge given I took aim to make this man a piece of game.

I played with him until he cried, "Enough" and when I stopped he sighed.
"I haven't felt this good before. Can we do this up off the floor?"
"You name the place", I soon agreed. As long as both my hands are freed
to press against your thighs and bum and I can suck your tongue and thumb.

We went to bed and played some more and once we fell off to the floor
but soon got up and held quite close I kissed his mouth and rubbed his nose.
Our play was free and yet intense. I didn't know him; it made no sense.
This stranger made me feel so good. I brought him joy as best I could.

I held him close with arms around. We stood embraced without a sound
and time stood still and I grew bold. My love for him I softly told.
I put two fingers to his lips and held them shut with just the tips.
I told him he need not reply. It was enough to hold this guy.

He radiated warmth to me. His face and smile - all I could see.
I licked his shoulder, then his arm and felt at peace within his charm.
We snuggled close and fell asleep I held a dream I wished to keep.
His strong and tawny hand held mine. I sensed a bit of the Divine.

Copyright © 1995 Charles M. Bidwell