The BIDWILL Family Near Wellington, NZ

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from Bidwill of Pihautea: The Life of Charles Robert Bidwill
compiled by his son William Edward Bidwill and his grand-daughter Airini Elizabeth Woodhouse
- an account of the early days at Pihautea, New Zealand and a short history of the Bidwill family.

Christchurch: Coulls, Somerville, Wilkie Ltd, 1927. [Held in the stacks of the Wellington Public Library.]

Motto: Dum spiro spero     Arms: per saltine gules and ermine     Crest: An escallop

"Charles Robert Bidwill, third son of Joseph Green Bidwill and Charlotte Wilmot, daughter of John Carne of Cornwall, Author, was born in Exeter, Devonshire, on the 25th of April, 1820. He was educated in England and had commenced to study medicine when his elder brother, John Carne Bidwill, advised his father to let Robert go out to Australia, John having examined the country previously and considered the prospects good. Robert, then only 20 years of age, set sail on the "Arachne" from London on the 3rd November and Gravesend on the 4th November 1840, but the ship put back damaged to Tor Bay, and sailed again on the 17th November, arriving in Sydney in 1841." (p.1)

"In March 1843, again on the advice of his brother, CRB sailed for Wellington (then known as Port Nicholson), New Zealand. The newspaper Nelson Examiner states, "The Posthumous, 9 days from Sydney with 1600 sheep intended for Port Nicholson, arrived in Nelson in March 1843. It is interesting to note that the greater portion of her cargo is the property of Mr. C.R. Bidwill." (p.1)

"On 13th September, 1851, CRB married Catherine, eldest daughter of John Orbell, of Waikouaiti, Otago. She was at the time on a visit to Wellington… She had been educated at St. Cloud, near Paris, and was a charming, cultured girl who wrote many delightful verses in both English and French." (p.10)

"C.R. Bidwill resided at Pihautea until his death at the comparatively early age of 64. He died on the 21st April, 1884 and was buried at Featherston" (p.31)
"Mrs. Bidwill died on July 10th, 1894 and was buried beside her husband." (p.32)

The Pihautea homestead and Estate was near Lake Wairarapa north of Palliser Bay.

Bidwill Family Tree
(based on the one from the inside back cover of the above monograph)

Joseph Bidwill
Joseph Bidwill m. Martha Farrant
Joseph Green Bidwill m. Charlotte Carne (in Exeter, England)
John Carne Bidwill (1815-1853) more info on JCB
William Carne Bidwill
Elizabeth Bidwill m. Digby Miller
Charles Robert Bidwill m. Catherine Orbell –
Mary Carne Bidwill m. W. Macdonnell
Harriett Bidwill m. S. Ware
Charlotte Bidwill m. General Bamfield

Charles Robert Bidwill (1820-1884) m. Catherine Orbell
Catherine Carne Bidwill m. (1) R.J. Barton - Ida & Eva
  "   m (2) G.T.F. Hutton – Edward G Hutton m. Alice Arndt – Noel, June, & a son
John O Bidwill m. Bonella Marchant –
Charlotte Bidwill m. T.W. Balfour – Mary R., K. Muriel, Alan B Balfour, Ian D Balfour, Leslie Balfour
William E. Bidwill m. Mildred Rhodes (no issue)
Ruth Bidwill m. H.H. Beetham – Ralph F.R.B. Beetham, Thyra T., Orengard H. Beetham, Weva B.R.
Elizabeth Bidwill m. Holmes Warren – Richard H Warren, Elizabeth H., David S. Warren, Arthur H. Warren
Eliza (Laila) Bidwill m. J.B. Rhodes – Marjorie, Athol G. Rhodes, Lionel B. Rhodes
Charles R. Bidwill m. Ida Locke – E. Jeanette & C. Robert Bidwill
Jessy Bidwill m. R.H. Rhodes – Airini E.

John O Bidwill m. Bonella Marchant
J. Carne Bidwill m. Evelyn Collie -- John H.C., Euan R.W., James S., Brian C., & Prudence C.
Florence M. Bidwill m. Roy Barton

Other Notes

from the Pioneer Roll of cards from the Wellington Public Library compiled by the Wellington Historical Committee (some inconsistencies from other records!)

_______, Bidwell on the Agnes, 1842
_______, Bidwell on the Frances, 1843
W. Bidwell on the Robert Syers, 1853

Charles Robert Bidwill (1820-1884) at age 20 on the Hope in 1840 from Sydney. Brother of John Carne Bidwill. [This does not match with the family history book above which states that CRB arrived in Sydney in 1841 from London.] He later came at age 23 on the Posthumous in 1843 (married Catherine Orbell (18??-1894) in 1851.

from The Streets of My City: Wellington, New Zealand by F.L. Irvine-Smith. Wellington: Reed, 1948, p.69

"Bidwell Street (wrongly spelt for Bidwill) commemorates Charles Robert Bidwill (1820-1874) who came first to Australia in 1841 to join his elder brother and later in 1843 sailed for New Zealand in the schooner "Posthumous", bringing with him some 1,600 sheep, as well as cattle and brood mares. He was the first to take sheep into the Wairarapa, and later became one of the leading runholders in the Dominion. His elder brother, John Carne Bidwill, visited New Zealand in 1839 and 1840 and in 1841 published Rambles in New Zealand. He was the first person to climb Ngauruhoe, since the Maoris avoided it because of tapu [sacred space and not to be entered]. Though engaged in mercantile pursuits in Sydney, he was an ardent botanist, and to a large extent instrumental in founding the Sydney Botanical Gardens. A New Zealand timber tree, the Libocedrus bidwellii (kaikawaka) is called after him. In the forties, he owned land in Wellington at Point Halswell and in Murphy Street. He never married and died in 1953 at thirty-eight." [So one can assume that from the mention of John forward the references are all to John.]

Other Bidwill Information

The following was supplied by John Carne, of Burlington, ON. He is descended through John CARNE 1761-1839 and Charlotte WILMOT of Exeter who were parents of Charlotte Wilmot Mary CARNE who married Joseph Green Bidwill of the above history.

Joseph Green BIDWILL was a merchant of Exeter and married Charlotte Mary Wilmot CARNE on 25 April 1814 at Falmouth, Cornwall. He was a former Officer in the 4th Dragoons. Charlotte was Christened on 10 June 1784 at Falmouth. Register in L.D.S. files shows as Charlotte Wilmot CARN, father John CARN and mother Charlotte
Charlotte's mother, Charlotte WILMOT was christened at St. Edmunds, Devon 22 Nov.,1763.

Charles Robert BIDWILL married to Catherine ORBELL of Canterbury had 9 children:
Elizabeth BIDWILL who married Digby MILLER,Captain,had 6 children,all in Australia
Mary Carne BIDWILL married W. MACDONNELL,who was born in Sydney
Harriett BIDWILL married S.WARE who was a lawyer of Chard
Charlotte BIDWILL married General Albert BAMFIELD of 36th Regiment...they had a son Edward Lock BAMFIELD and a daughter Agnes Amy BAMFIELD

JOHN CARNE BIDWILL - b. 5 Feb 1815 - dp. Australia
WILLIAM BIDWILL - b. Dec 1816, Falmouth - d. Dec 1816, Falmouth
ELIZABETH BIDWILL - b. 22 Sep 1817
HARRIETT BIDWILL - b. 16 Nov 1824, Sydney House, Exeter, Devon
JOSEPH GREEN BIDWILL - m. 25 Apr 1814, Falmouth
MARY ANN B. CARNE - b. 8 Feb 1783
CHARLOTTE MARY WILLMOT CARNE - b. 8 Apr 1784, Falmouth
RICHARD CARNE - b. Apr 1786/1787 - d. Apr 1820/1823
ELIZABETH CARNE - b. 22 Apr 1787, Falmouth
JOHN CAMIN CARNE - b. 24 Apr 1789 - d. 7 May 1824, SERINPORE
HENRY CARNE - b. 12 Nov 1790, Falmouth
WILLIAM B. CARNE - b. 21 Oct 1792, Falmouth - d. 5 Oct 1869, at "The Cottage"
EDWARD CLIFTON CARNE - b. 28 Oct 1794, Falmouth, Cornwall
EMMELINE B. CARNE - b. 2 Jan 1796, Falmouth
HELEN GEORGIANA CARNE - b. 31 Jul 1797, Falmouth - d. Oct 1797, Falmouth
FREDERIC HILL CARNE - b. 28 Sep 1798, Falmouth - d. 25 Nov 1798, Falmouth
CAROLINE Mary CARNE - b. 17 Mar 1800, Falmouth - d. 2 Jan 1881, Falmouth
CHARLES FREDERICK B. CARNE - b. 25 Feb 1801, Falmouth - d. 4 Dec 1884
SUSAN CARNE - b. 8 Jan 1802, Falmouth - d. 1852, St. Agnes, Cornwall
SAMUEL CHARLES - b. 22 Oct 1803 - d. Sep 1819, West Indies
MARY CARNE - b. 30 Apr 1806, Falmouth
MARY CARNE - b. 19 May 1757, Falmouth - d. 25 Aug 1840
JOHN CARNE - b. 26 Aug 1758, Falmouth - d. 1 Apr 1759, Falmouth
RICHARD CARNE - b. 26 Mar 1760, Falmouth - d. 6 May 1767, Falmouth
JOHN CARNE - b. 23 Mar 1761, Falmouth, Cornwall - d. 17 May 1839, (at The Cottage), Falmouth - m. 8 May 1782, St.Edmunds, Exeter, Devon
SUSANNA CARNE - b. 12 Aug 1762, Falmouth - d. 22 Aug 1766, Falmouth
WILLIAM CARNE - b. 22 Apr 1764, Falmouth - d. 24 Oct 1764, Falmouth
WILLIAM CARNE - b. 13 May 1765, Falmouth - d. 1765, Falmouth
WILLIAM CARNE - b. 23 Sep 1766, Falmouth - d. 28 Sep 1769, Falmouth
RICHARD CARNE - b. 1 Sep 1729, MYLOR - d. 7 Dec 1800, Falmouth - m. 17 Aug 1756, Cornwall
PRISCILLA CARNE - b. 21 May 1733, Mylor, Cornwall - d. ca 1768
WILLIAM CARNE - b. 29 May 1737, Mylor,Cornwall
WILLIAM CARNE - b. 1689, Constantine, Cornwall
THOMAS CARNE - m. 27 Nov 1685, Constantine, Cornwall
SUSANNA - b. 1691 - d. 22 Jan 1771, Flushing
MARY ROBERTS - b. ca 1734, Nottingham - d. 1811, Falmouth
CHARLOTTE WILMOT - b. 1763, Exeter, Devon - d. 4 Jul 1808
HENRY WILMOT - b. ca 1753
MARY NAYLE WILMOT - b. ca 1754, St.Edmund, Exeter, Devon
JAMES WILMOT - b. ca 1755, St.Edmund, Exeter, Devon
ELIZABETH WILMOT - b. ca 1757, St.Edmund, Exeter, Devon
ANNE WILMOT - b. ca 1758, St.Edmund, Exeter, Devon
ARIOT (HARIOT) WILMOT - b. ca 1760, St.Edmund, Exeter, Devon - d. 23 Jul 1842, Lambeth, Surrey
CHARLES WILMOT - b. ca 1762, St.Edmund, Exeter, Devon
SAMUEL WILMOT - b. ca 1765, St.Edmund, Exeter, Devon
SARAH WILMOT - b. 24 Sep 1766, St.Edmund, Exeter, Devon
MARIA WILMOT - b. ca 1767, St.Edmund, Exeter, Devon
Henry WILMOT - b. ca 1725, St.Edmund, Exeter, Devon - m. 13 Jul 1746
HENRY WILMOT - b. ca 1698, ST.Edmund, Exeter, Devon - d. 7 Jun 1750, St.Edmund, Exeter, Devon
MARY NEILD - bp. Totnes, Devon
ELIZABETH HILL - d. 25 Mar 1769, St.Edmund, Exeter, Devon

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