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EDCT 400/EDCT 500: Robotics: Constructionism in Practice


One of the best ways to learn about Constructionism is to experience it first-hand. One of the best ways to learn from programming a robot is to play with one. This course allows you to do both! For one intense week, you will be given a Lego Robotics kit and a series of tutorials and challenges to complete at your own pace. This is the perfect opportunity for you to experience a constructionist classroom for yourself... while playing with LEGO! Your goal will be to complete as many challenges as possible, and reflect on the process along the way.

What types of skills did you bring into these challenges that helped you? What skills did you obtain by completing it? How could you use robotics in a curriculum class? What would you assign, and how would you asses it? We won't give you the answers to these questions, but by the time you're done you will be able to answer them, and others, for yourself.

Students who take this course should be aware that it runs for 1 week only (check beartracks for dates) and requires them to be available from 8:00am to 8:00pm for the duration of those 5 days, with the exception of the last day which ends at 1:00pm. The course usually runs the first week of May (before most Spring semester classes) and the last week of August (after Summer semester and before Fall semester).

Find here a copy of a previous course syllabus. There are no papers and there is no final exam! After the 5 days, you get 3 credits!

How to Enroll

In order to register in this course, you must send Department of Secondary Education an email at Please include the term, course number and your Onecard number.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to email Corbett at