Benjamin V. Tucker

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Current downloadable papers are available in the CV link.


  1. The Spoken English Lexicon
  2. Fine acoustic detail of stem vowels in English regular and irregular verbs
  3. The role of phonetic reduction in spoken word recognition


Spoken Word Recognition/Speech Perception:

  1. Processing of reduced speech Natasha Warner (Douglass Phonetics Lab).
  2. Dissertation: Spoken Word Recognition of the Reduced American English flap. PDF

Speech Production:

  1. Acoustic characteristics of spontaneous reduced speech:
  1. American English flapping with Natasha Warner (Douglass Phonetics Lab).
  1. The relationship between the tongue movement and formant trajectories in American English with Brad Story (Speech Acoustics Lab).
  2. Voicing properties of nasals in Romanian (Douglass Phonetics Lab).

Language documentation work:

  1. I am currently involved in a language documentation project called Colorado River Indian Tribes Language Documentation Project with Susan Penfield. Which focuses on the documentation of two highly endangered languages, Mohave and Chemehuevi.
  2. Acoustic description of Mako (a language that is no longer spoken).
  3. Phonetic documentation of Plautdietsch, Tsuut’ina, Temne and Kono.