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The Doctor John Akabutu Centre for Bleeding Disorders began in 1978, as the Northern Alberta Comprehensive Hemophilia Clinic, following an announcement by the Minister of Health, Gordon Miniely, at a symposium held in Edmotnon at the end of 1977.  This meeting was organized by the Alberta Chapter of the Canadian Hemophilia Society under the leadership of Ken Poyser, the head of pediatric hematology Dr. John Akabutu and their medical consultant, Dr. Garner King.  The clinic was charged with the task of providing high quality comprehensive care for people with hemophilia, providing education to families and treaters of hemophilia, and performing research. In 2004, the clinic was renamed the Doctor John Akabutu Centre for Bleeding Disorders to recognized Dr. Akabutu's work to establish comprehensive hemophilia care in Edmonton.  In 2008 we celebrated 30 years of comprehenisve care and home treatment, with a dinner and celebration at the Coast Edmonton Plaza in Edmonton.  Dr. Peter Levine, and the Honourable Gordon Miniely, who had been instrumental in the development fo the original clinic, joined with guest appearances by video link to congratulate us. 

Dr. Levine published a series of landmark papers in the 1970s on home treatment of hemophilia, and comprehensive care of hemophilia.  Dr. Peter Levine wasthe keynote speaker, describing his results with comprehensive care, including home infsuion of clotting concentrates for hemophlia, as described in his landmark paper in the New England Journal of Medicine (Levine PH. Efficacy of self-therapy in hemophilia. A study of 72 patients with hemophilia A and B. New England Journal of Medicine. 291(26):1381-4, 1974).  A follow-up paper in the Archives of Internal Medicine in 1976 described comprehensive treatment of young men with hemophilia in the New England Area Hemophilia Center. These papers established the effectiveness, cost-savings, and improved quality of life provided by comprehensive care.  He attended  the 1977 Canadian Hemophilia Society sponsored meeting in Edmonton that established hemophlia clinics in Alberta.  in 2008, Dr. Levine spoke to us from the Dr. Peter Levine Comprehensive Cancer Treatment centre, named in honour of his work to establish hematology/oncology comprehensive care clinics throughout the New England area.

Gordon Miniely was the Minister of Health and provinicial treasurer in the provinical government led by Peter Lougheed in the 1970s. Gordon met with the CHS Alberta president, and his former colleague, Ken Poyser and Dr. Garner King in 1976 and 1977 to work out the funding for the clinic. He announced the funding of comprehensive care at the same 1977 CHS Alberta meeting attended by Dr. Levine.

On Dec 12, 2008, Ken Poyser was made a member of the Order of Canada by Her Excellency, the Right Honourable Michelle Jean, in honour of his work with hemophilia in Edmonton, Canada, and the world.  Ken has been president of the Alberta chapter of the Canadian Hemophlia Society, president and board member of the national Canadian Hemophilia Society, chairman of the board ofthe Million Dollar club of the national CHS, and Treasurer of the World Federation of Hemophilia, based in Montreal.

We were honored to have the honourable Mr. Miniely and Dr. Peter Levine join us for our 30th anniversary.

Dr. Peter Levine, speaking from the Dr. Peter H. Levine Comprehensive Cancer Center

The Right Honourable Gordon Miniely

The clinic has been successful in moving treatment of hemophilia to an outpatient setting, placing control of treatment in the hands of those affected by this disorder, and providing them with comprehensive care. This has resulted in dramatic improvement in efficiencies of care, improved management of hemophilia, improvements in the lifestyle of people with hemophilia, and better relationships between treaters and patients.

Comprehensive Clinics are held once a month on the first Monday afternoon of the month in the 2F2 Clinics, at the north end of the second floor of the Walter McKenzie Center/University of Alberta Hospital.  Comprehensive Clinics are attended by the nurse coordinator, a physiotherapist, a social worker, a dentist, an orthopedic surgeon, and a hematologist. Surveillance clinics are held on intervening Mondays. 

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