The 'Oh Canada' web site

I am the author of the now withdrawn "Oh Canada" website. I did not create this website for any organization, it was a very personal endeavor, and it was not a project associated with my work or profession.

The "Oh Canada" website was a very large site with annotated links pointing to information about Canada as well as including information about Canada taken from many different print resources. Because of its size and the extent of its coverage it was time consuming to update and maintain. Some of the best sources of information were from the government of Canada or provincial governments and those web sites were constantly changing, making the updating of urls ownerous. For these reasons, after about 10 years of work, I have decided to pull the web site from my server space. If you had hoped to retrieve anything from its contents, there may be some archival copies of some of the pages at the internet archive Wayback Machine []:

Beverly Leeck


Author: Beverly.Leeck@UAlberta.CA
family portrait, 2002
August 2, 2005