Multivariate refinable Hermite interpolants

Bin Han, Thomas P.-Y. Yu and Bruce Piper


We introduce a general definition of refinable Hermite interpolants and investigate their general properties. We study also a notion of symmetry of these refinable interpolants. Results and ideas from the extensive theory of general refinement equations are applied to obtain results on refinable Hermite interpolants. The theory developed here is constructive and yields an easy-to-use construction method for multivariate refinable Hermite interpolants. Using this method, several new refinable Hermite interpolants with respect to different dilation matrices and symmetry groups are constructed and analyzed. Some of the Hermite interpolants constructed here are related to well-known spline interpolation schemes developed in the computer-aided geometric design community (e.g. the Powell-Sabin scheme.) We make some of these connections precise. A spline connection allows us to determine critical H\"older regularity in a trivial way (as opposed to the case of general refinable functions, whose critical H\"older regularity exponents are often difficult to compute.) While it is often mentioned in published articles that ``refinable functions are important for subdivision surfaces in CAGD applications", it is rather unclear whether an arbitrary refinable function vector can be meaningfully applied to build free-form subdivision surfaces. The bivariate symmetric refinable Hermite interpolants constructed in this article, along with algorithmic developments elsewhere, give %, to the best of our knowledge, the first known an application of vector refinability to subdivision surfaces. We briefly discuss several potential advantages offered by such Hermite subdivision surfaces.

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