LIS 502: Organization of Information
An introduction to the organization of knowledge and information focusing on theory and principles for application in a variety of settings. Required course.

LIS 532: Metadata
To prepare students to construct a catalogue, to create catalogue records for various forms of materials in diverse library situation and to evaluate Online Public Access Catalogues. This is an elective course, offered in the winter term.

LIS 535: Advanced Topics in the Organization of Knowledge
An examination of the principles and practice of indexing, abstracting, thesaurus construction, metadata or other topics relevant to the organization of knowledge. This is an elective course, offered in the fall term.

LIS 538: Digital Libraries
An introduction to the concept, development, types and trends of digital libraries. This course will focus on the creation, organization, access, use and evaluation of digital libraries with a view to socio-economic and cultural issues. 

LIS598: Resource Description and Access (RDA)

An introduction to Resource Description and Access (RDA) as a new standard, designed for resource description and access in the digital environment. It examines the rationale for the development of the standard and introduces the conceptual model of Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (FRBR) and its associated authority data model called Functional Requirements for Authority Data (FRAD).

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