University of Alberta logo Knowledge Organization Systems (KOS) in Canadian Academic and
Governmental Digital Libraries, Portals and Subject Gateways

An increasing volume of electronic information resources on the web coupled with the need for efficient and timely access to electronic information have necessitated the use of standards and tools for organizing the information. Currently, there are a number of knowledge organization systems in use such as classification schemes, thesauri, subject heading lists, taxonomies, ontologies and gazetteers.

A review of the websites of the Government of Canada, Library and Archives Canada, Canadian Initiative on Digital Libraries, and Canada's Digital Collections indicates that academic and governmental organizations have made use of a wide range of knowledge organization systems. However, little research has been carried out to demonstrate the types of and the extent to which knowledge organization systems and tools have been used to tackle the issue of information access and retrieval.

The proposed research will shed light on various aspects of the use of knowledge organization tools in making digital information resources available on the web within the context of governmental and academic settings.