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Lesson Plan #1

SUBJECT/CLASS: Russian 111 DATE: 16th of October, 2006
UNIT 3: Какие языки вы знаете? = What languages do you know? TOPIC: Two meaning of the Prepositional case: to describe location and to speak about something or somebody.

LESSON OBJECTIVES:1) to introduce a piece of authentic Russian pop culture; 2) to teach the students how to put even unknown words into the Prepositional case; 3) to practice students' reading and listening skills; 4) to pay they attention on the second meaning of the Prepositional case.

10:00 am I started this lesson with listening to a popular Russian song.
Before we started to listen to it all the students had got the handouts where the authentic text of this song and my word for word translation were provided.We listened to this song twice.
In the beginning the students were supposed just to listen and try to follow the text as it was being sung.
At that time our students were struggling with the topic 'the Prepositional case of nouns and adjectives in singular and plural'. It is a really difficult grammatical pattern in Russian. In order to reduce the stress and to make the internalization of this grammatical structure more entertaining I decided to use a Russian song as a material to work with.
10:05 am
Working with the song
I asked the students to translate these highlighted words and word-combination.
As soon as word for word translation of each and every line was already provided, the students had just to find the right English word, which the Russian word in brackets referred to.
In the text of the song there were eight cases of the Prepositional case (this was the main reason I have pick out this particular song). I highlighted these eight cases with yellow on the handouts in order to make them noticeable for everybody.
10:10 am As a next step I asked the students to fill in the blanks and to restore the missing prepositions. There are always two possible prepositions in Russian for the Prepositional case: 1) в = in; 2) на = on.
We listened to the song once again and then the students had to decide which preposition to use in every given example.
On the handouts the prepositions, (which were supposed to be used with every word in the Prepositional case) were dropped out and replaced by five dots.
10:15 am Then we started to work with the highlighted adjectives and nouns themselves. Among the examples we worked with six words and word-combinations were singular and two of them were plural.
I asked the students to put all these words from the Nominative into the Prepositional case.
We listened to the song once again. Only after that the students had to make their final decision about the form of the Prepositional case for each given example.
On the handouts every word or word-combination (adjective+noun), which originally meant to be in the Prepositional case, was put in the Nominative case instead and was enclosed in square brackets.
This activity was dedicated to the correct forms of the Prepositional case for Russian noun and adjectives.
10:25 am We read and translated a small text (provided on the handouts) about the group, which sang the song we listened to.Then I asked the students to answer questions about the text we had just read. There were two groups of questions: 1) location: how many people are in this band? where do they live? where can one see the photo of this group? 2) about: have you ever heard about this group? what do they sing about? what was the song we listened to about? There were two main objectives I kept in mind writing this text: 1) to provide some cultural information such as correlations of full and short names in Russian as well as the original name of the Russian capital in Russian (Москва = Moscow); 2) to introduce both meanings of the Prepositional case: and location, and about.
Эта песня о...
(This song is about…)
On the handouts the students had a list of the words taken from this song (see Эта песня о section). All the words were listed in nominative.
I gave the students 3-5 minutes to put the words from each group into the Prepositional case.Then I asked them question О чем эта песня = What was this song about? and they answered orally. I was writing their answers on a board.
The list of words I provided on the handouts consisted of three different groups: 1) nouns in nominative; 2) word-combinations adjective+noun both in nominative singular, 3) word-combinations adjective+noun both in nominative plural.
In order to answer my question: О чем эта песня = What was this song about? the students had to put all this words and word-combinations into the Prepositional case.

HOMEWORK: I did not assign any homework this time, because when I had been working in the first group the principal instructor I worked with always did it by herself.

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