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Teaching Self-Evaluation

My evaluation will be divided into three parts: 1) five things which I did and which worked well; 2) five things what I did but which didn't work at all; 3) three suggestions for myself about what can I do to improve the situation.

My DO's or the things which worked well:

  1. good preparation, written lesson plans and having some extra-activities to do (just in case). All these elements make me feel more comfortable and self-confident in class. My state of being in tern somehow has a significant influence upon students' behavior.
  2. 2) to repeat all together a word or a phrase. It helps students to memorize a word or a phrase, which is being repeated, and simultaneously makes everyone engaged: when everybody speaks aloud nobody hears what his/her neighbor is saying. It relative and temporary deafness makes shy students (and you always have them in your class!) to feel more free and finally to open their mouth and to say something.
  3. 3) giving students a model to work with makes the life on both sides easier. After an informal observation she did, our coordinator paid my attention on this feature. I tried to implement it in my classes and it really-really worked.
  4. 4) the importance of group work cannot be overemphasized and overestimated. It was definitely good and useful for the students but, on the other hand, it was very good for me too. While the students were concentrated on working with each other in pairs I had a short break, which I sometimes badly needed just in order to take a breath (especially in the beginning of my teaching). I mean I always was circling around and helping them but still it is easier to deal with two people in the format of short and personal conversation then to stand in front of the whole class trying to explain something to 15 people at a time.
  5. 5) asking personal (but no doubt decent) questions helped to establish very good connection and positive energy between my students and me. It has transformed our learning process into the real collaboration (especially in the second group). I believe that this kind of atmosphere in a classroom is itself a very powerful teaching technique, which creates an optimal learning experience.

Things what didn't work at all:

  1. thinking about Russian language from the perspective of a native speaker;
  2. lack of instructions, i.e. assuming that students will know what to do in the exercises, which I have developed for them;
  3. asking them to guess about something (in fact I still do not know why it did not work but it certainly did not and I just have to take it into account);
  4. assuming that students know the things I do and supposing that we have some common background I can rely on (once we were talking about Russian icons; I was explaining their meaning and even showing some pictures; after five minutes of my monologue one guy raised his hand and asked me a very good question: 'Excuse me, but could you explain what does 'an icon' mean?' And then I could see that some students in a class were grateful to this brave guy because they had not a clue about Russian icons either).
  5. explanations of grammar on Fridays. I have noticed that by Friday students are usually so tired and exhausted that they want to come and just to talk but not to obtain further insight into the nuances of Russian grammar. So, I decided to try not to introduce any new topics on Fridays.
  6. What can I do to improve:

During this semester I constantly tried to improve my teaching and it seems to me that my attempts were effective and resulting in a way. But still there are a lot of things to do. Here are the three suggestions for myself about how I can improve my teaching in the future:

  1. I have to learn how to calculate time, which is needed for a certain activity, correctly;
  2. it would be good if I spoke more Russian, not English in a classroom situation;
  3. I wish I could feel more relaxed and less tense, when I teach.

In order to make my self-evaluation more illustrative I took and had slightly modified the table from Monash University web-site.

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