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A classroom activity for Russian 111

Example 4

Usually in the end of each unit our students had a 50-minutes test, which covered the material introduced in the last chapter. As a rule, two our principal instructors were responsible for the preparation of these tests.

However our coordinator decided that for the last unit, which we had in this semester, there would be developed not a test but a 20-minutes quiz. Katya Orshanskaja and me were assigned to prepare it.

The quiz, which we had designed, consisted of five exercises: 1) daily routine; 2) days of the week and time; 3) verbs conjugation; 4) location " destination; 5) going (see the page 1 and the page 2).

The first exercise -- daily routine -- was meant to test students' knowledge of the vocabulary introduced in the Unit 5. The students had to finish the sentences translating the verbs from English into Russian and putting them into the correct form of the present tense. There were six verbs to translate and to conjugate: one for each personal pronoun.

The second exercise -- days of the week and time -- was basically dedicated to the special grammar structures, which are used in Russian for indicating time (on what day and at what time), and an action took place. Examples in the left part of the table were focused on the days of the week while the examples on right -- on hours.

In the third exercise -- verbs conjugation -- the students were asked to fill out the blanks with the correct forms of the verbs, which were already provided in the parentheses in Russian in infinitive. In order to complete this exercise the students had to read and to understand the dialog first. The form of all the verbs depended on the context of this particular conversation.

Completing the forth exercise -- location " destination -- the students had to pay attention on the use of the Prepositional (location) " the Accusative (destination) case of nouns. They were supposed to know which Russian verbs refer to the first phenomenon and which to the second and to change the nouns (лекция = lecture, библиотека = library), which followed the verbs, accordingly.

The last small exercise -- going -- was dedicated to the Russian verbs of motion.

In general the quiz Katya and me have developed together covered almost all the topics of the Unit 5. It tested students' writing skills and was meant to show their ability to use particular grammar structures in minimal context.

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